Photo view of a municipal kindergarten whose house wall was designed with a graffiti by Kyros

Calle Libre

Calle Libre is a festival for urban aesthetics that brings together today’s contemporary forms of graffiti and other forms of street art onto curated walls throughout the city.

From August 2 to 8, Calle Libre, Europe's largest festival for street art, will take place in Vienna for the eighth time.
This time with the theme "Re:Present". The representation of different social groups and minorities is critically questioned here. Art and culture mix, so that a colorful togetherness and intercultural dialogues emerge.

In addition to large-scale murals by national and international artists, there will also be a wide-ranging supporting program: workshops, street art tours, film screenings, block and closing parties, performances and an exhibition at the Weltmuseum will round off the festival.

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Current Dates

  • Mon. 02 Aug 2021
  • Tue. 03 Aug 2021
  • Wed. 04 Aug 2021
  • Thu. 05 Aug 2021
  • Fri. 06 Aug 2021
  • Sat. 07 Aug 2021
  • Sun. 08 Aug 2021