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Paul McCarthy will be present

Paul McCarthy, one of the most influential artists of his generation, presents an Austrian premiere: His film CSSC/DADDA VIENNA EDIT refers to John Ford’s classic Western Stagecoach (1939). Six characters in a stagecoach find themselves on a meandering psychosexual journey that evolves into an anarchic and provocative collapse of (not only) social conventions.

»Two parts make up a whole hole, a work in process which began in 2015, in part a parody of America and Hollywood, the western film genre as a structure to hang the representation of cruelty, bullying and violence, a parody of sorts in which caricatures roam the real and the environmental staged sets perpetrating and defecating their emotional drama on each other, preview sample extraction, a fractured pair paired parody of repetitive stages of violence and a fascistic take over of the American land
mass mass, a classic portraiture of American filmic west west« (Paul McCarthy)


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