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Tiefer Schweb - Ein Auffangbecken

Christoph Marthaler, master of all that is whimsical and bizarre, presents a civil service revue about eager representatives of an old world: an expert committee on a secret mission meets in an underwater pressure chamber at the deepest point of Lake Constance to find solutions to such complex issues as bacteria-contaminated lake water and an overcrowded, floating village landscape for non-European refugees.

Directed by Christoph Marthaler
Concept by Christoph Marthaler, Malte Ubenauf, Ueli Jäggi
Stage design Duri Bischoff
Costume design Sara Kittelmann
Lighting Jürgen Tulzer
Musical direcion Jürg Kienberger
Dramaturgy Malte Ubenauf

Production Münchner Kammerspiele


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