Rosenthal. A Legend. Porcelain from three centuries

Famous worldwide for its cultivation of contemporary tableware and interior décor, the Rosenthal porcelain manufactory enjoyed its first great heyday under the classic entrepreneur Philipp Rosenthal senior. He laid the foundations for a success story that was continued through the high achievements of his visionary son Philip Rosenthal junior, a man of modern marketing par excellence.

The company founded in 1879/80 by Philipp Rosenthal manufactured a wide variety of fine wares ranging from table services to figures and decorative items, all of which show how attentively the future Privy Councillor Philipp Rosenthal kept his eye on the market and observed current trends in the decorative arts. From the very beginning he made high quality a top priority, as is shown by the numerous awards his manufactory won at world exhibitions. As early as 1908 he started to develop an artistic department for figural work in Selb, where designs by renowned sculptors were realized in the medium of porcelain for decades. The enterprise he built up developed into one of the largest German concerns of its kind.

After having joined the family firm in 1950, Philip Rosenthal junior exerted a formative influence on its evolution, bringing important changes to the characteristic look of the Rosenthal range. He sought collaboration with inter­nationally famous designers and artists such as Raymond Loewy, Beate Kuhn, Tapio Wirkkala, Lucio Fontana , Victor Vasarely, Marcello Morandini and Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The Rosenthal Studio-Line, the Rosenthal Relief Series, and the Limited Art series came into being.

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