Resonanzen 2018: "Eurovisionen"

When Jordi Savall opens the 26th «Resonanzen» on 20th January 2018 with a musical journey into the world of Erasmus of Rotterdam, it will be exactly 160 days before Austria assumes the rotating EU presidency. What groundwork will have been laid by then? Which government will coordinate European interests in our name and what will be its guiding vision? The motto of the festival will be «Eurovisionen» and it will go further back in time than ever before with the Ensemble Melpomen and Arianna Savall  performing music from Ancient Greece. The founding myth of Europe will be in focus, as well as the baroque illusion of a gallant «Europe in love» during the age of Louis XIV, or musical life in the courts of Europe's Habsburg family. Among the other guests will be La Simphonie du Marais and das Collegium 1704, Dorothee Oberlinger in a trio with Michael Oman and Maurice Steger and many more. They all will be at the «Resonanzen» festival in 2018 to present visions of and for Europe in musical form.


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