5 ViennaPhotoBookFestival 2017

On June 10 and 11, 2017 the fifth edition of the ViennaPhotoBookFestival turns the Bread Factory Vienna into a hotspot for photography lovers, photobook collectors, artists, publishers and dealers once again. Initiated five years ago by Anzenberger Gallery and OstLicht Gallery, the festival has quickly established itself as Europe’s largest photobook event.

Recent years have seen interest in artistic photobooks increase immensely. Photobooks have long become sought-after collectors’ items and have established themselves as an independent artistic medium. The ViennaPhotoBookFestival offers a unique platform for these trends and has met with enthusiastic acceptance from more than 80 exhibitors from all over the world. Thus, collectors and photography fans can learn about major publishers’ current photobook productions and will have the opportunity to acquire rare collectibles as well as small, highclass editions offered directly by the artists.

Current Dates

  • Sat. 10 Jun 2017
  • Sun. 11 Jun 2017