Performance with English surtitles (23rd of October)

‘Finished, it’s finished, nearly finished, it must be nearly finished.’ This is how the game begins. Nearly, Beckett says, is one of the key words in his texts. It is nearly finished, it is nearly all a game, poetry, not a view of the world but a parody of one.

Four characters: Nell, the mother, Nagg, the father, Hamm, their son – and Clov. The characters are defective: Nell and Nagg without legs, Hamm blind and lamed, Clov unable to sit down. The play itself is designed to be perfect: ‘No, there are no coincidences in Endgame, everything is built on analogies and repetitions’, according to Beckett the director. The whole thing is a battle; for love, for contact, power, for one’s own biography, the language too.

Direction: Dieter Dorn
Stage Design and Costumes: Jürgen Rose



Lisztstraße 1
1030 Wien

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  • Tue. 23 Oct 2018, 7:30 p.m.