Gemischter Satz 2017

The Gemischter Satz is a sort of Cuvée that is found only in the wine-growing region in and around Vienna. The Gemischter Satz is a noble wine made from the different grapes to be found in a single vineyard. The artistic equivalent is the Wiener Konzerthaus' spring festival «Gemischter Satz» in its third consecutive year. But in this case it is not the different types of grape that make up the individual components, rather the fabulous artists from a kaleidoscope of different genres. Top of the list are the adventuresome Musicbanda Franui. The Wiener Konzerthaus' historic foyers and halls provide the necessary space for the creative aroma and bouquet to unfold: for two whole days, the building will be awaft with music, readings, laughter and enjoyment. Music, literature, theatre and the visual arts will all come together in a series of readings and concerts to enrapture the audience, flowing easily and elegantly from one genre to the next. And, of course, during all of this, you will be able to sip and sample the exquisite wines from the Vienna hills and vineyards.

Vorspiel: The Danish String Quartet – Musicbanda Franui – Andreas Schett, Trompete, Gesang, Leitung – Nikolaus Habjan, Puppen-spieler – André Heller, Stimme & Schrammelensemble – Alexander Lonquich, Klavier – Dörte Lyssewski, Lesung; Mozart-Saal, 19.00, 20.10, 21.20

Auftakt: Musicbanda Franui – Andreas Schett – Gemischtes Doppel – The Danish String Quartet – Dreamers‘ Circus – Elsa Dreisig, Sopran – Alexander Lonquich – Christian Zehnder, Stimme – Matthias Loibner, Drehleier – Dörte Lyssewski; Mozart-Saal, 19.00, 20.10 & 21.20

Prolog: Christoph Sietzen & Percussionensemble – Dörte Lyssewski; Grosses Foyer, 18.00
Simultankonzerte um 18.30, 19.30 & 20.30 (jeweils ca. 40 Minuten): Grosser Saal: Musicbanda Franui – Andreas Schett – The Danish String Quartet – Sven-Eric Bechtolf, Lesung + Mozart-Saal: Rom Schaerer-Eberle – Doris Windhager, Gesang – Walther Soyka, Akkordeon – Peter Simonischek, Lesung + Berio-Saal: Attwenger – Christoph Sietzen, Multipercussion – Alexander Lonquich – Dörte Lyssewski
Promenade durch alle Säle mit den Mitwirkenden; 21.10
Finale mit allen Mitwirkenden – Peter Sandbichler, Bühne; Grosser Saal, 22.00

Kartenpreise beinhalten die zur Verkostung angebotenen Weine.


Vienna Konzerthaus

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  • Thu. 11 May 2017
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