Guardian of the currency. 200 years Oesterreichische Nationalbank

As the Austrian “bank of banks,” the Oesterreichische Nationalbank has been instrumental in keeping monetary transactions running smoothly for 200 years. Having been created after the turmoil of the Napoleonic wars in response to massive currency devaluation, the central bank made stability and security the two guiding principles it has adhered to since its establishment. It was founded on June 1, 1816, on the basis of two imperial decrees as a joint stock company that initially went under the name privilegirte oesterreichische National-Bank. It was the first enterprise whose stocks were traded on the exchanges in Vienna and Frankfurt.

From the right to issue banknotes to the responsibility for banking supervision, the tasks of the central bank have changed over time and have been adapted steadily to the demands of the respective times. Today, the OeNB makes a key contribution to European monetary policy within the European System of Central Banks (ESCB).

Find out how political, social and technical developments influence central bank tasks and working conditions. A wide range of exhibits take you on a fascinating journey through 200 years of OeNB history.

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