New Year´s Eve 2015 at Kursalon Vienna

Spend the change of year in the historic ambience of the Vienna Kursalon. Be enchanted by the sounds of the Alt Wien salon orchestra at a Strauss and Mozart New Year’s Eve concert and enjoy an exclusive four-course gala dinner, learn or brush up on your dance skills with a waltz workshop, experience midnight musical fireworks on the beautiful terrace with a view of the Stadtpark, and dance until the small hours of the morning at the New Year’s Eve party.

Package “Kursalon New Year’s Eve Evening” from 6 p.m., package “Kursalon New Year’s Eve Night” from 8 p.m., various offers and categories, prices range from EUR 215 to EUR 335.

Current Dates

  • Thu. 31 Dec 2015, 6 p.m.

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