Direction: Lev Dodin
Stage and costumes: Alexander Borovskiy
Light: Damir Ismagilov
Choreography: Yuri Vasilkov

Khovanshchina deals with an extremely troubled episode of Russian history in the year 1682. In this historical drama Modest Mussorgsky focuses on the people, portraying events in a particularly contrasting and analytical manner through his use of different musical characterizations depending on the situation or individual. The entire work is permeated with symbolic aspects and evocative passages, and the composer also introduced folkloristic elements, stylised orthodox liturgical music and purposely exotic-sounding sections. However, the charm of this opera is also attributable to the soloist parts, many of which are lyrical arioso. Mussorgsky was unable to complete the instrumentation, and the version played at the Wiener Staatsoper is the one by Dmitri Shostakovich.

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