Der Ring des Nibelungen: Götterdämmerung

Der Ring des Nibelungen: Götterdämmerung

Production: Sven-Eric Bechtolf
Stage design: Rolf Glittenberg
Costumes: Marianne Glittenberg

In the last part of the Nibelungen tetralogy, Siegfried, the onstensibly invincible hero, succumbs to the deadly curse that strikes all who ever possessed the ring of the Nibelungen. However, Brünnhilde, herself a former Valkyrie, returns the ring to the Rhine maidens; she must then sacrifice herself and bring about the downfall of the gods to lift the curse and craete the possibility of new beginnings. With the completion of Götterdämmerung, in 1874 Richard Wagner finished his work on the Ring des Nibelungen, a project that had lasted 26 years, with frequent interruptions.



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