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Wiener Staatsoper
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Wiener Staatsoper

Musical Direction: Alexander Soddy
Production: Harry Kupfer

Summary: The inwardly and outwardly lonely Elektra has renounced the world and only thinks of revenge: her mother Klytämnestra and her lover Aegisth are to die for the murder of Elektra's father, Agamemnon. For her part, Clytemnestra is tormented by nightmares and memories. Elektra does not succeed in winning her sister Chrysothemis for the plan to murder Clytemnestra and Aegisth. A mysterious stranger, who reveals himself to be her brother Orestes, finally commits the crime. Elektra then dances a last, ecstatic dance.

The legendary director Harry Kupfer, who died in December 2019, created the image of a destructive and manipulative Elektra in the imposing stage design by Hans Schavernoch, artfully spans the constellation of characters, avoids the template-like categorization of good and evil, shows the desperation, loneliness and the driven nature of the perpetrators.

Current Dates

  • Thu. 14 Dec 2023
  • Sun. 17 Dec 2023
  • Wed. 20 Dec 2023