Wiener Staatsoper

Ballet: Ballett-Hommage

Choreographie, Bühne und Licht William Forsythe
Costumes Yumiko Takeshima ,Issey Miyake
Einstudierung Noah Gelber
Contra Clockwise Witness
Choreographie und Ausstattungskonzept Natalia Horecna
Kostüme und Bühne Christiane Devos Lighting Mario Ilsanker
Choreography Harald Lander
Licht und Einstudierung Peter Lund

This evening brings an homage to ballet presented in a variety of different styles. Harald Lander’s "Études" (1948) represents the academic school, William Forsythe’s "The Second Detail" (1991) shows a new form of classical style, and Natalia Horecna contributes her creation "Contra Clockwise Witness" - a ballet piece full of black humor inspired by Michael Newton's book "Destiny of Souls".

Current Dates

  • Sat. 18 Apr 2020
  • Tue. 21 Apr 2020
  • Wed. 29 Apr 2020
  • Mon. 04 May 2020
  • Fri. 08 May 2020
  • Mon. 11 May 2020