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Extended Piano Reverberations

Veranstaltungssaal Arnold Schönberg Center
Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien. Konzertsaal / (c) Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien
Veranstaltungssaal Arnold Schönberg Center

Katharina Bleier, piano, toy piano

Ruth Schonthal: Nachklänge
Hannes Heher: Drei kleine Klavierstücke (Mini-Musik III)
Karlheinz Essl: WebernSpielWerk für Toy Piano
John Cage: In the Name of the Holocaust
Arnold Schönberg: Sechs kleine Klavierstücke op. 19
Jörg Widmann: Hallstudie

The ringing of bells as a means of remembrance is manifested through various pianistic guises, with the grand piano functioning as an "ear" that allows everything that is played to resonate. Half-remembered quotations emerge distorted by temporal distance and through the piano’s preparation. Acoustic and emotional echoes converge and intermingle.

With video projection from inside the piano

Current Dates

  • Thu. 25 Apr 2024, 6:30 p.m.