Wiener Konzerthaus

Ensemble Wiener Collage

Veranstaltungssaal Arnold Schönberg Center
Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien. Konzertsaal / (c) Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien
Veranstaltungssaal Arnold Schönberg Center

Ensemble Wiener Collage
Mirella Hagen, soprano
Stefan Obmann, trombone
Johannes Piirto, piano
René Staar, conductor

Arnold Schönberg: Acht Lieder op. 6
Anton Webern: 5 Canons op. 16
Hannes Heher: Große Zeit, vertan. Fünf Elegien nach Bertolt Brecht sowie ein Epilog
Ada Gentile: Staccato dal mondo
Alexander Shchetynsky: Two … In Parallel … Disjoint?
Tomas Skweres: 5 Minitaturen
Simeon Pironkoff: einstellung II und III from the cycle “Sujets”
René Staar: Panic and Irony op. 22k ter; from “Gemini Duette” op. 24: Gemini A 6

Vocal music by Arnold Schönberg, Anton Webern, and Hannes Heher provides the framework for this multifaceted concert. Additionally, there is a complex piece by Simeon Pironkoff as well as a composition for solo trombone by René Staar. With music by Ada Gentile from Italy, Alexander Shchetynsky from Ukraine, and Tomasz Skweres from Poland the entire program encompasses a broad European spectrum.

Current Dates

  • Thu. 18 Apr 2024, 6:30 p.m.