Oberes Belvedere

Piano hits and Christmas songs

Marko Simsa wearing a red jacket
Beate Hofstadler
Marko Simsa wearing a red jacket


This program is all about black and white keys: we present a piano concert with music by W.A. Mozart and little practice pieces by J.S. Bach and R. Schumann. There's rock 'n roll, animal voices, funny clowns, fast finger exercises and fortunately even the pink panther drops by!

Piece selection:
Barrel organ polka (D. Shostakovich)
Merry Countryman (R. Schumann)
The Turkish March (W. A. Mozart)
Mercy, mercy (J. Zawinul)
The Pink Panther (Henry Manzini)
The Clown (D. Kabalevsky)
The horseman (D. Kabalevsky)
Musette (J. S. Bach)

Piano: Barbara Rektenwald
Narrator & Concept: Marko Simsa
Director: Eva Billisich

For children from 5 years

Current Dates

  • Fri. 15 Dec 2023, 3:30 p.m.