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Konzerthaus, Berio-Saal
(c) Wiener Konzerthaus / Lukas Beck
Konzerthaus, Berio-Saal

Yugo, Rap

In the past few years, important impulse givers:inside for German-language rap came from Vienna. YUGO, formerly known as Jugo Ürdens, is certainly one of them. In his music, YUGO disregards clichéd rap topics such as violence, weapons and money and instead gives insight into his world: his life with a migration background in Austria and his personal experiences and conflicts - transparent and refreshingly honest. Now "the most beautiful man in Vienna" can be experienced for the first time at the Vienna Konzerthaus.


Vienna Konzerthaus

Berio-Saal. Gewidmet von Kapsch
Lothringerstraße 20
1030 Wien

Current Dates

  • Wed. 10 Jan 2024, 8:30 p.m.