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Comish - presented by Maria Muhar

Wiener Metropol
Wiener Metropol
Wiener Metropol

Bold incendiary speeches, comic conferences, dramatic analyses, intimate songs, bitter stories, poetry, slapstick, upheaval - what is the "small" about cabaret?
Is a demarcation from so-called high culture even relevant today? The Comish series of events is dedicated to the formats of cabaret, comedy and stand-up, and also examines the art form itself.

On three evenings, author and cabaret artist Maria Muhar invites local and international artists to perform together on the show stage.

Stefanie Sourial, RaDeschnig, Erin Markey (German and English)
David Scheid, Malarina, Jean-Philippe Kindler (German)
Toxic Fries, Maria Muhar, Lea Blair Whitcher (German and English)


Metropol Theaterverein Wiener Metropol

Hernalser Hauptstraße 55
1170 Wien

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Current Dates

  • Wed. 07 Jun 2023, 8 p.m.