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Affenstarke Lieder

Children at Haus der Musik
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Children at Haus der Musik


The Bluatschink is a mythical creature from the Lech River that supposedly eats small children. But Margit & Toni Knittel have already converted him in 1990 from a child terror to an environmental advocate and since then this "water wolpertinger" watches over the wild river Lech. And his name is also the godfather for the music project with which these two Lechtalers have been bringing joy to children up and down the country.

As soon as the first song of the new program "Dann geht's den Affen gut" ("Then the monkeys are doing well") is heard, young and old are fully involved - singing along, clapping along, joining in is the order of the day. But also in other respects, the themes of the songs are deliberately chosen so that they come from the heart of the children's world: Friendship, cohesion and family are at the center of the statements. Weird characters are a must in every Bluatschink program: knights are not just heroic fighters, but also a bit clumsy at times, dragons are not just scary monsters, but funny and they become best friends - and unicorns are not just pink and starry, but a bit chubby at times and almost look a bit like rhinos!

Current Dates

  • Sat. 29 Apr 2023, 3:30 p.m.