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Ethel Merhaut & Ensemble: Tif vi di Nakht

Exterior view of the Nestroyhof Theater - Hamakon
© Foto: Theater Nestroyhof Hamakon
Exterior view of the Nestroyhof Theater - Hamakon

While hits like Glik and Zug es mir noch amol ensured sold-out theater halls in 1930s New York, songs like Benjamin or In der Bar zum Krokodil became absolute box-office hits in Germany and Austria.

Tif vi di Nakht spans a musical arc from America to Europe and connects the Yiddish and German-language music scenes of the Golden 20s and roaring 30s. Ethel Merhaut puts her voice and her interpretative skills entirely at the service of selected songs by Jewish composers and lyricists. Together with her outstanding ensemble, the singer virtuously strolls between chanson, jazz and swing and transports the audience to the golden era of film and light music.

Music by Abraham Ellstein, Joseph Rumshinsky, Sholom Secunda, Richard Werner Heymann, Henry Love and Paul Abraham. Lyrics by Molly Picon, Fritz Löhner Beda, Peter Herz and Bella Meissel.

Just perfect for an upbeat evening of Hanukkah at Sam's Bar!


Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom

Nestroyplatz 1
1020 Wien

Current Dates

  • Sun. 18 Dec 2022, 7:30 p.m.