Oberes Belvedere

Caruso gets painted

MuTh - Konzertsaal der Wiener Sängerknaben / (c) Fotos: Helmut Karl Lackner 2013


With that wonderful voice, Herbert should be giving a concert! But instead he’s brought paint and paintings onto the stage. He’s running about aimlessly. First he sings, then he takes up the paint brush. What on earth is going on? Caruso has an idea ...

Stefan Buri, bassoon and tomcat Caruso
Annina Röllin, piano
Herbert Lippert, tenor and painter

Artistic direction: Stefan Buri

Classical music, jazz, folk music, children's songs




MuTh – Concert Hall of the Vienna Boys' Choir

Am Augartenspitz 1
1020 Wien

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  • Sun. 23 Apr 2023, 4 p.m.