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Playing with love

Scala, aussen
Scala, aussen

Production: Rüdiger Hentzschel

Premiere: November 12, 2022

Fritz, son of a good family, has a complicated relationship with a married lady. For a change from the exhausting "interesting women", his friend Theodor invites him two "uncomplicated sweet girls" from the suburbs: The fun-loving Mitzi and her shyer friend Christine, who quickly believes she has found her great love in Fritz and throws herself radically into the relationship. But is she perhaps nothing more than a "love affair" for Fritz after all?

First performed at the Burgtheater in 1895, the play brought Arthur Schnitzler his important breakthrough as a playwright. It subtly deals with psychological and social themes that are timeless: Class thinking, superficiality and carelessness result in tragedy for a sentient human being. Schnitzler, who himself embodied the type of the equally reckless and life-weary "young gentleman" in his own youth, describes both sides of the relationship with a "sweet Viennese girl" as a trained doctor with empathy and medical accuracy.



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