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Katharina Bleier, piano • Karlheinz Essl, live electronics

Veranstaltungssaal Arnold Schönberg Center
Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien. Konzertsaal / (c) Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien
Veranstaltungssaal Arnold Schönberg Center

Katharina Bleier, piano
Karlheinz Essl, live electronics

Works by Mario Bertoncini, Olga Neuwirth, Arnold Schönberg / Ferruccio Busoni, Wolfgang Mitterer, Alberto Posadas, Karlheinz Essl / Gerhard Eckel

To "transfer the orchestral into the pianistic" was Busoni's incentive to arrange Schönberg's piano piece. Many extended piano techniques, on the other hand, alienate the piano sounds and disguise their origins. Reminiscences, paraphrases, quotations and echoes of Debussy or Beethoven's "speaking expression", music box melodies and recorded sound collages awaken associations with the familiar and combine with the diverse sound world of extended piano.

Afterwards, see and try piano preparation up close!


Arnold Schönberg Center

Zaunergasse 1-3
1030 Wien

Current Dates

  • Wed. 11 Jan 2023, 6:30 p.m.