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The Threepenny Opera

Volksoper Wien
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Volksoper Wien

A play with music in a prelude and eight pictures after John Gay's The Beggar's Opera
by Bertolt Brecht (text) and Kurt Weill (music)
with the collaboration of Elisabeth Hauptmann
In German language

Director: Maurice Lenhard

Whoever is best at cheating wins: gangster boss Macheath and king of the beggars Peachum (both entrepreneurs!) engage in a sleaze contest of the finest kind. Peachum's daughter Polly, however, does not see herself as investment capital and marries Macheath for love. The whore Jenny takes revenge with her own means. But a world that rewards only the better crooks cannot be a good one. The Threepenny Opera (Dreigroschenoper) mercilessly exposes what the audience does not want to see: that we are all the ones who support this wickedness.

In 1928 it is already cold in the bourgeois world to which The Threepenny Opera wants to show its wickedness unadorned. And isn't it getting colder and colder? Maurice Lenhard and his team present this classic play with music as a struggle for survival in a cold world: in this version, those who do not yet have a thick skin had best wrap themselves up as well as possible against the frost.


Vienna Volksoper

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  • Sun. 21 Apr 2024, 6 p.m.
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