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Kabarett Niedermair
Kabarett Niedermair
Kabarett Niedermair


Brennholz.Rocks is the musician Frenk Lebel. And he plays with everything he is, has and can: With his feet he rocks the drums, while his hands flakily work the guitar. With his voice he enchants people and leads them out of everyday life. The program is the here and now. So Brennholz.Rock's concerts are always a happy interactive togetherness for everyone: the small and the big children's hearts.

Brennholz.Rock's songs are poppy-melodic, sometimes profound to funny-absurd: In the program Tuu Tuu Feuerkrone, Brennholz topples a musical pizza together with his audience. The old geezer involuntarily goes swimming in the swimming pool with his cheeky cart. Or a cloud appears that loves jokes.  And never, of course never, are the pop bangers like the Hello Song or Fire Crown missing.

For children from 3 years


Kabarett Niedermair

Lenaugasse 1a
1080 Wien

Tickets & Info

  • 9.50 €

Current Dates

  • Fri. 03 Mar 2023, 4 p.m.