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Wiener Staatsoper
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Wiener Staatsoper


Musical direction: Philippe Jordan
Production, Stage & Lighting: Marco Arturo Marell

The opera Capriccio depicts the creation of an opera. The plot describes a day in the salon of the young and art-loving widowed Countess Madeleine, who is at the center of the action. Madeleine inspires the artists around her as a muse. First and foremost, the poet Olivier and the composer Flamand, who are both in love with her and hope to conquer the heart of the beautiful Countess with their respective artistic creations, but she cannot decide for either of them. There is also rivalry between Flamand and Olivier on the question of the significance of poetry and music: does the word or the tone have priority - prima la musica dopo le parole or vice versa prima le parole dopo la musica? The two expect a decision in this regard from the judgment of the Countess, who, however, recognizes that only the meeting of poetry and composition leads to the artistic ideal: "One is in the other and wants to the other".

Current Dates

  • Thu. 30 Jun 2022