Viennas English Theatre

Wait Until Dark

A cool-as-ice criminal and two petty crooks have traced the location of a mysterious doll to the apartment of photographer Sam Henderson and his blind wife, Susy. Sam had apparently been persuaded by a woman at Amsterdam airport to take the doll to London, not realising its valuable and dangerous content. When the woman’s dead body is found near the Henderson’s flat, a diabolical charade ensues. Sam is lured away from the apartment, and Susy is left alone to cope with the conspirators. The con men worm their way into the apartment, and start searching, literally right in front of Susy who is made to believe that the vanished doll would implicate her husband in the murder. This brilliant psychological thriller probes which frightens us more – the evil you can see coming, or the one you can’t?


Vienna's English Theatre

Josefsgasse 12
1080 Wien

Aktuelle Termine

  • Fr. 15. Dez 2017, 19:30
  • Sa. 16. Dez 2017, 19:30
  • Mo. 18. Dez 2017, 19:30
  • Di. 19. Dez 2017, 19:30
  • Mi. 20. Dez 2017, 19:30
  • Do. 21. Dez 2017, 19:30
  • Fr. 22. Dez 2017, 19:30