Andrés Jaque. Friedrich Kiesler-Preis 2016

Anlässlich der Verleihung des 10. Friedrich Kiesler-Preises präsentiert die Friedrich Kiesler Stiftung in ihren Räumlichkeiten eine Installation mit ausgewählten Video-Arbeiten Andrés Jaques und seinem Office for Political Innovation, darunter: „IKEA Disobedients“ (die erste Architektur-Performance, die vom Museum of Modern Art in New York für die Sammlung angekauft wurde), „Sales Oddity“ (ausgezeichnet mit dem Silbernen Löwen bei der 14. Biennale in Venedig) und das neueste Werk „Pornified Homes“.

"TRANSMATERIAL gathers the work produced by Andrés Jaque and the architectural and artistic practice he founded in 2000: Office for Political Innovation. A transnational agency based in New York and Madrid, Office for Political Innovation works at the intersection of design, research, and political practices. It has gained a singular voice in the international scene of contemporary architecture by exploring how architecture can be alternative, inclusive, and subversive.

The term transmaterial refers to the way architecture is produced by the interaction between processes developed through the coordination of different material media (the built environment, the biology of beings, the online interaction, etc.). This notion can be found in research-based projects like “SALES ODDITY. Milano 2 and the Politics of Direct-to-Home TV Urbanisms” and “Pornified Homes," as well as in designs like COSMO, Escaravox, and House in Never Never Land. 

The works included in this exhibition rethink daily life via an ensemble of diverse and often incompatible sensitivities and traditions. Social sciences, theater, technology, art, and design—when these come together they create disciplinary hybrid projects that not only enforce a methodology, but also a mode of doing that renovates the priorities, the tools, and the formats in which existence can be discussed and transformed."


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