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Nell Gwynn

Viennas English Theatre
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Viennas English Theatre

V.E.T. Special Vienna’s English Theatre Academy’s Class of 2024 presents "Nell Gwynn"
by Jessica Swale, with original music by Nigel Hess

It’s 1660. Charles II has thrown off the shackles of Puritanism and reignited London’s love of merriment and extravagance, including - of course - theatre. And at the playhouse Drury Lane, orange-hawker Nell Gwynn is making waves of her own. When she takes to the stage as one of the first female actors, she causes havoc in a male-dominated world, and soon comes to the attention of the King. However, her meteoric rise to fame comes with its own dangers... This delightful comedy charts the rise of theatre’s greatest rebel, a woman making her way through a man’s world with joyful cheek and charm.

VETA is the only full-time English-language acting school in Austria. Join our talented, international drama students presenting this professional theatre production as highlight of their two-year training.

Aktuelle Termine

  • Di. 30. Apr 2024, 19:30
  • Mi. 01. Mai 2024, 19:30
  • Do. 02. Mai 2024, 19:30
  • Fr. 03. Mai 2024, 19:30
  • Sa. 04. Mai 2024, 19:30